Monday, 20 January 2014

Crafty Wrapping Paper Storage

Hi there,
Holiday season passed and now you are wondering about where to store all those wrapping papers? I know storing gift wrappers or craft papers can be tricky sometimes. I have devised a special box for this purpose and the awesome thing is "It is super EASY & super CHEAP!" 

Things you will need :
A shoe box , I took for this project.

  1. Box with a lid.( Large shoe box)
  2. Craft paper.
  3. Pen/Marker.
  4. Protractor.
  5. Paper cutter.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Tape.


Take a shoe box or any other box with lid. It should be large enough to hold several rolls of chart papers.
At one side mark several circles of same size with the help of protractor. This size will be your reference size.
Cut out the circles with the help of paper cutter or scissors.
Now it will look like this :

These are the openings for keeping all your gift wraps or craft papers inside the box. Just roll it like small cylinders and then insert inside this. But obviously it is looking so dejected at the moment. So we will wrap it up with a bright colored wrap. See my box below:
And Ta Dah! NO COST! solution for all those gifts wrap you bought in the sale. I hope you will enjoy organizing your wraps in this Crafty way.

I have removed the lid for this shot. You can see the wraps are neatly piled up below and on top layer I have put my craft paper sheets. 
Enjoy and take care.

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