Monday, 18 April 2016

Clay Mushroom House DIY

Hi there bloggers,

I have always wanted to try this craft and yesterday I got time to try it so here it is for you.
First of all this is pinterest Inspired so I am sharing pinterest link and the image which I followed.


1-Mason Jar.
2- Air dry clay or Polymer clay.
3- Colors to add to the clay.


1- Take an empty jar.
2- Prepare the clay or get some polymer clay. I have pasted the link below
3- You can either use this non cooking recipe or you may use polymer clay.  If you are using polymer clay than buy the clay in your desired colours. I prefer mixing primary colours to get other shades but it's upto you. You can buy it separately if you want.
4- The first step is to cover the jar with a base colour.  I used white you can use some other pale colour too.
5- Now make a door and windows for your mushroom house. I used orange coloured clay for door and window frame. The important step is to remove the base clay to make peephole in the door and window. If you don't want it tgen you can skip this step.
6- Take some green clay and make a creeper and some leaves. To get variations in the shades of green I mixed some yellow clay in green clay.
7- Make small petals to make flowers. Add them where ever you like.
8- Let it dry overnight.

Tadaah!!! It's ready.

Below is the link for my inspiration. So enjoy the craft and feel free to post reviews or queries.

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Science and Arts Exhibition 2016

Hey there, Today I am sharing with you some highlights of Science and Arts Exhibition 2016 in BASS.
I hope you get some ideas and inspiration from these.

I hope you  enjoy this update.