Sunday, 9 February 2014

Crafty Book Holder

Hey readers,

Has it ever happened to you that you want to showcase your favorite book ? Ever wondered about some fabulous display for a fabulous book with practically NO COST ?

I have devised this SPECIAL CRAFTY BOOK HOLDER for you \(*_*)/ Like our other projects, this project is also extremely low budget so you can try it easily.

You Will Need:

Empty Box.
Craft Paper/ Wrapping paper.
Clear Tape.
A Book.


1- Take an empty box and cut it in this shape. 
This is super easy , just mark the edges first then cut it with the help of scissors. Make sure you leave a pocket like shape so the book can be kept inside.

2- Now the decorative part. Wrap it in your favorite color. I have used a red wrap because it's eye catching and the display will look good. For the edges I have used a decorative tape in blue and red.

3- Still it's looking rather dejected so I added flowers on the sides.

 4- The top flower was not looking good so, I removed it and made a tiny book with the help of formic sheet. (I will have a tutorial next time about it)

5- The CRAFTY BOOK HOLDER is now ready !

I hope you will try this. If you have any query regarding any of my crafts just leave me a comment.
Take care,

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