Sunday, 3 May 2015

Themed Bulletin Boards Part2

A couple of months back I posted about Themed bulletin boards.  It's time to checkmon the part2  i.e other themedboards which I have put up on my boards.

The first one I am going to share is "The EARTH DAY BULLETIN BOARD". I got a chance to work on the board for the month of April so I chose Earth Day since it is celebrated on April 22nd.

So the materials I used are nothing fancy just a Fomic Sheet for Earth, A pair of googly eyes to give it a cartoon effect. Since it attracts children's attention.  The rest is just Card Sheet. My idea was to emphasize on the 3Rs principle.  So I cut out the headings REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. The other letters are colored print outs. I got the pictures printed as I was running short of time but if you have time you can print the outlines and then color them by yourself.


So these are some of the pictures I took while making the board.  Notice that I had use a caption under the Earth.  JOIN HANDS TO SAVE THE EARTH. You can use a quote or another eye catching phrase.  The butterfly and the flowets wete last minute add ons because it seemed a bit empty to me so I added these.

This board was a huge success in my school.  I hope you also get similar results.  Do post if you are planning to make an EARTH DAY themed bulletin board or if you have tried one. I am always open to new ideas since brainstorming helps.

There are some other bulletin boards which you might want to see. This one was for the Sports Week. I have used Red,Green and Blue for background because these ate our house colors.
Please feel free to comment.  I would love to know what do you think of the boards or I am sure you must have some ideas you want to share.


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  2. These ideas are really great and super inspiring. I'll try some once I get the time. For now, TO THE SKETCHBOOK!!
    Oh and I'm that Sarah whose brother you teach