Sunday, 19 January 2014

Crafty Flower


Hi there,
In our last post we discussed about storage boxes and in this post I'll show you how to make a beautiful paper flower.

You will need:

1- Wrapping Paper or craft paper.
2- Scissors.
3- Tape.
4- Stapler.


  • First cut a rectangle from the wrapping paper.
  • Fold it like a fan.
  • Secure the end with staple pin.
  • Cut the upper end in a slight wavy pattern.
  • Slowly open the leaves of the fan , it will form a flower.
  • With clear tape secure the edges.
  • Enjoy! I have used that flower to decorate my storage box. You can also use it to stick on gift box or other things. Do share your views about this post.

Fold it like a fan , than folding it half, staple at one end

Slowly open the fan in a circle and secure the ends with tape.

Flower ; Notice the curvy edges which are due to I cut the edges of the fan in a wavy manner after I pinned it.
Have fun,

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