Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Crafty Storage Box

Hi there,
  I was quite busy these days making my storage boxes presentable. It so happens that I own half a dozen storage boxes and every time I saw those sitting on top of my cupboard I got a bad impression. So, one day I decided let's make them pretty :) And this weekend I was busy wrapping those. I know some of you might come across this situation too so, I am sharing some neat ideas about making your own storage box or decorating an existing one. I will share mine shortly these are the ideas I found quite helpful.


  1. Empty cardboard boxes.
  2. Wrapping papers.
  3. Ribbons.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Tape.
  6. Clear glue.

Once you get a storage box/cardboard box. Decide what you gonna put into it. For e.g, You want to put all the festive decorations you have enthusiastically hung all over the house. If your storage box is for the spare decorations, choose a bright cheery wrapping paper for the covering. It will give the boxes a cool touch if you decorate these according to the items you will keep in these.



If you have some extra fabric lying around. You can wrap the boxes with it also. And use ribbons or thick strings and add handles too. I will share some sample pictures here which I have found on the internet.

So, quite cool aren't these? I can see there are countless possibilities to decorate our homely looking storage boxes. I will add my boxes tomorrow so stay tuned. :)

Note : I don't own these pictures. I simply found them on the internet and I have shared here so that you will get more ideas. And down is the picture of one of the box I wrapped up as a storage box.

So this is what I did :)

Have fun,

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