Friday, 3 January 2014

Crafty Jar

Hello readers,
 Hoping you all are in fit shape and best moods :) So for our first crafty project I have chosen the simplest one.


To make this you will need :

  1. Jar
  2. Yarn spools (Any color as in my case I have used Silver, Purple and Yellow).
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors 

STEP 1 :

First with the quantity of the yarn available to you and the size of your jar, think about a pattern .Like I chose 3 broad stripes for my design. You can make the bands narrow if you don't have that much spool of one color or if you have just one color you can wrap it on the whole jar also.
Take the jar and make sure you wipe it's surface with a clean cloth for better adherence of glue and yarn. Spread the glue on the jar. Don't apply it on the whole bottle but, apply first on a little area otherwise your hands will become messy or you might make the spool messy too.Now choose a color of yarn and start wrapping it around the bottle/jar. Wrap till you are satisfied with the length of the band. Note that wrapping needs to be tighten loose wrapping might slip and it will not give neat appearance.

In the second picture you can see I have wrapped 1/3rd portion of the jar. Then cut off the thread end and stick it firmly to the jar.

STEP 2 :

For step choose the second thread and start wrapping it in the same manner like Step1. When you get your desired length. Cut the thread and glue it firmly. And then start wrapping the third one. 

Finish :

As you can see in the end you will have no spool but a pretty jar. Let it dry for 30 minutes or so. As much time as your glue needs. Well although the jar is being wrapped up but if you have some little trinket or flower or stuff. You can stick it on the jar also. Like I used this trinket on mine.

Product finished and you will get this crafty jar.

I hope you enjoyed our first craft. Do share your views about this post.
Take care

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