Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Pinterest Inspired Card

Hey people,
Today I am going to share an Invitation Card which I have made for a project.
This is a pinterest Inspired card. So I am not taking the credit of that one.

So I have to make an invitation for Science and Arts Exhibition in school.  I was looking for something that's a bit different. I thought this is perfect. Hopefully everybody likes it too.
Keep me posted about your views, queries and comments.
Take care,

Friday, 6 November 2015

Minions Earrings DIY

Hello fellas,

Today I am going to share How to make a set of Minions Danglers/ Earrings.  Minions is a big hit among children and adult both and if you ask me I have a minion reasons to love these creatures

So okay folks, gather this stuff.
-> Fomy/ Fomic Sheet (Yellow,  Blue,  Black and White)
-> White glue
-> Earrings hooks
-> Scissors

Let's go by the easy route ;)


Cut out two 1 inch strip from the yellow sheet. If 1 inch seems too big to you, you may take a reference to your finger nail.
Roll it up by gluing one end. This is the body of the minion. 

For the dress cut out a blue strip. Half the size of the body. 
Cut two squares, this will be the front part of the top.
For the bottom have a thin strip which should be a quarter size of the dress you made.
Glue them up on the body.

Hopefully by now yours are resembling a Minion.
Cut a thin strip of black for the goggles.  And white circles for eyes.

Add the hook at the top, by adding a small bead of glue and then insert it in the center. 

Oh yes! It's done. Easy peezy and quick DIY. I added the smile by a fibre tip pen.

I hope you like today's craft. For suggestions and queries leave a message. 
Take Care,

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Felt Bookmark

Today I am going to share how to make a bookmark using Felt. This one is really easy to make. I personally adore this project since reading is like breathing to me.  I always search for cool bookmarks.  This one here is unique and neat.

1- Felt ( Brown, Purple, Green, Red )
2 - Thread and Needle
3 - Fabric Glue or Glue Gun
4 - Scissors
5 - Teacup or Mug template


Cut out the shape of a teacup or mug according to the template. 

You can draw it simply or take a printout.

Now cut two pieces of rectangle felt. The size should be equal or smaller than the cup. After cutting rectangles, make two cuts diagonally on both sides just like shown in the picture. Or you can print out a template of teabag and cut it out.

Now cut an oval from brown felt.
This is the tea. Place it on your teacup to check the size.

Checking the size and position of brown oval.

Brown felt in oval shape. 

Now the tricky part, take needle and thread. Sew one part of  teabag and tea together.  Make sure to leave a long thread in between. 

Just like this.

Now with the help of glue attach both pieces of felt.

Glue the tea on the cup.

Your teacup book mark is ready. The length of thread which I found ideal is 8 inches but if you like you can make it longer or shorter.

I add some hearts on the teabag and mug to make it look cuter. You can add your names initial too.

Do share your bookmarks with me.

Take care, 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Felt Doughnut Plushy

Hi readers,
These days I am crazy about Felt and Fomic crafts. My head is brimming with new ideas and my hands are itching to try them all (Alas! A day is only of 24 hrs :\) Today I am gonna share a tutorial of making a doughnut Plushy.  You can either sew it or else use hot glue gun.

You will need:

Felt sheets
I used camel color for tge doughnut base and yellow for tge icing.  You may choose brown,pink or white color as per your choice. 
Pencil or Tailor Chalk
Threads or
Hot glue gun
Polyester for filling
Googly eyes (optional)
Key ring (optional)


Cut out two pieces of the camel coor felt. This is for the base of doughnut.  Choose the size as large as you like.

Cut out a same sized circle for icing.

Fold the circle in half and cut out a smaller circle. This is the hole of the doughnut.  Cut all three circles. Make sure their size is same.

Cut the edges of yellow felt in wavy pattern to give it the look of un even icing.

Cut out the middle circle. 

This is the assembled doughnut. Now is the time for sewing or pasting the edges. Leave less than half from one side so that you can add the polyester. 

That's how it looks like. 

Sewing it will look neat.

Add the buttons or beads as sprinklers. I stitched these you may glue them.  It's up to you. 
Side view of Mr doughnut after I filled him up.

You can add a key ring to it.

Similarly you may add googly eyes to give it a more cute look.

TaDah! Your felt doughnut Plushy is ready. Make it as a birthday present or for charity or yard sales. It's very low cost and can be made with lots of variations. Do post your comments. 

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Handmade Greting Cards

Hi there,
I made a bunch of greeting cards for a project. Thought to share the ideas with you. Feel free to ask for deatils about any card.y

This one is my personal favorite. It's a shaker card.

No tutorial this time sorry, but if you wanna know about any details please let me know. 
See you soon

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Arts Exhibition (Ideas for Classroom display)

Hi there,

The summer break has started and I visited this awesome Arts exhibition at a nearby school. I am always looking for inspiration so this exhibition seemed a good idea and YES!!!! It was a really good show with tremendous possibilities and ideas which I can apply later on.

I will show you some of the displays and I hope that you get inspirations from them too.
This one is kind of cute with bottle caps used as fish body. We can use it in primary classes.

I love the hut and nest here. It's a close up of a bulletin board. 

This one is my favorite.  They made falling rain by stripes of tissue papee. Although I would've pasted some more clouds but still this is an applicable idea if you are planning to make a wall art.

This piece is really easy. You can ask your students to collect sea shells during the summer and make different sea creatures by printing the outlines.
See how they have made umbrellas using straw. This glazed paper is a shiny paper available locally.
This is a bulletin board displaying My Self items. They have added MY FAMILY, MY SCHOOL, MY HOBBY and other things to complete it. 

These are some of the ideas you can use to make your classrooms attractive.  I know being a teacher we are always thinking about ways to beautify our classrooms whether its holiday season or not. 

Please feel free to post queries and comments. 
Have a crafty summer,