Sunday, 6 September 2015

Felt Bookmark

Today I am going to share how to make a bookmark using Felt. This one is really easy to make. I personally adore this project since reading is like breathing to me.  I always search for cool bookmarks.  This one here is unique and neat.

1- Felt ( Brown, Purple, Green, Red )
2 - Thread and Needle
3 - Fabric Glue or Glue Gun
4 - Scissors
5 - Teacup or Mug template


Cut out the shape of a teacup or mug according to the template. 

You can draw it simply or take a printout.

Now cut two pieces of rectangle felt. The size should be equal or smaller than the cup. After cutting rectangles, make two cuts diagonally on both sides just like shown in the picture. Or you can print out a template of teabag and cut it out.

Now cut an oval from brown felt.
This is the tea. Place it on your teacup to check the size.

Checking the size and position of brown oval.

Brown felt in oval shape. 

Now the tricky part, take needle and thread. Sew one part of  teabag and tea together.  Make sure to leave a long thread in between. 

Just like this.

Now with the help of glue attach both pieces of felt.

Glue the tea on the cup.

Your teacup book mark is ready. The length of thread which I found ideal is 8 inches but if you like you can make it longer or shorter.

I add some hearts on the teabag and mug to make it look cuter. You can add your names initial too.

Do share your bookmarks with me.

Take care, 

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