Thursday, 3 September 2015

Felt Doughnut Plushy

Hi readers,
These days I am crazy about Felt and Fomic crafts. My head is brimming with new ideas and my hands are itching to try them all (Alas! A day is only of 24 hrs :\) Today I am gonna share a tutorial of making a doughnut Plushy.  You can either sew it or else use hot glue gun.

You will need:

Felt sheets
I used camel color for tge doughnut base and yellow for tge icing.  You may choose brown,pink or white color as per your choice. 
Pencil or Tailor Chalk
Threads or
Hot glue gun
Polyester for filling
Googly eyes (optional)
Key ring (optional)


Cut out two pieces of the camel coor felt. This is for the base of doughnut.  Choose the size as large as you like.

Cut out a same sized circle for icing.

Fold the circle in half and cut out a smaller circle. This is the hole of the doughnut.  Cut all three circles. Make sure their size is same.

Cut the edges of yellow felt in wavy pattern to give it the look of un even icing.

Cut out the middle circle. 

This is the assembled doughnut. Now is the time for sewing or pasting the edges. Leave less than half from one side so that you can add the polyester. 

That's how it looks like. 

Sewing it will look neat.

Add the buttons or beads as sprinklers. I stitched these you may glue them.  It's up to you. 
Side view of Mr doughnut after I filled him up.

You can add a key ring to it.

Similarly you may add googly eyes to give it a more cute look.

TaDah! Your felt doughnut Plushy is ready. Make it as a birthday present or for charity or yard sales. It's very low cost and can be made with lots of variations. Do post your comments. 

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