Friday, 6 November 2015

Minions Earrings DIY

Hello fellas,

Today I am going to share How to make a set of Minions Danglers/ Earrings.  Minions is a big hit among children and adult both and if you ask me I have a minion reasons to love these creatures

So okay folks, gather this stuff.
-> Fomy/ Fomic Sheet (Yellow,  Blue,  Black and White)
-> White glue
-> Earrings hooks
-> Scissors

Let's go by the easy route ;)


Cut out two 1 inch strip from the yellow sheet. If 1 inch seems too big to you, you may take a reference to your finger nail.
Roll it up by gluing one end. This is the body of the minion. 

For the dress cut out a blue strip. Half the size of the body. 
Cut two squares, this will be the front part of the top.
For the bottom have a thin strip which should be a quarter size of the dress you made.
Glue them up on the body.

Hopefully by now yours are resembling a Minion.
Cut a thin strip of black for the goggles.  And white circles for eyes.

Add the hook at the top, by adding a small bead of glue and then insert it in the center. 

Oh yes! It's done. Easy peezy and quick DIY. I added the smile by a fibre tip pen.

I hope you like today's craft. For suggestions and queries leave a message. 
Take Care,

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