Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Hey there,
 I have been doing some baking this past week. The more I baked the more I used eggs and of course I got empty egg carton boxes with it. Seriously I saw those boxes and I realize they were too good to waste. So, here I am with a craft using egg cartons.

Requirements :

  1. Egg carton.
  2. Poster Colors / Water Colors.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Glue.
  5. Cardboard.


Take the egg carton. Separate the cup portion from the lid.

Cut the cups separately and cut like this in the shape of flower.
With a scissors cut wider slits in the cup, it will look like a flower with the petals attached at the center.
Cut some flowers in the shape of narrow slits. (Look in the picture)

 I have cut one cup in thin slits to make the inside whorl of the flower. To make the center part , I used the circles given between the cups in the carton.
This is how you will assemble your flower :

  1. Outer whorl : Large and wide petals.
  2. Middle whorl : Thin and shorter petals.
  3. Inner whorl : Small half circle or you can use beads.
Now is the time to paint our flowers.I have used poster colors here you can use oil colors or spray paints as you like.

Now for the frame:

Take a piece of cardboard or any firm material like the material from which file covers are made. You can cut old files to get it.
Measure the size of your egg tray with the cardboard, leaving at least 5 cm at edges.(for the frame)
By measuring the inside of the tray cut out the piece of card.Now you will have a frame border.(Like this)

With clear glue attach 3 sides of the cardboard to your tray. Leaving one side for inserting photos.
Now take the egg carton flowers and stick those to the frame. You can make whole floral arrangements with it making different size of flowers and using different colors,
Tadah!! The crafty photo frame is ready.


If you don't want to use egg tray you can use cardboard for making the whole frame. Just cut 2 pieces of cardboard instead of 1 and make a window like opening in one piece. Then for giving it some volume, attach thin strips of packing sheet along the edges. Glue 3 sides and you will get the frame. Decorate it with the egg flowers.

Please leave a comment if you have any query.
Have a nice day.

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