Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Themed Bulletin Boards

As I was telling in my earlier post that I have switched my job so in this school we are very keen on themed bulletin boards. I personally like this idea. Bulletin boards should be according to a theme. They are the best way to convey a message to your students weather its about the upcoming Exams or some quote we want them to remember...a bulletin board is the best canvas for  a teacher.

I have made several bulletin boards but this one is my favorite. It is made for January 2015 so that's why I chose the theme to be NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS.

The theme tree is "RESOLUTION TREE". I have cut leaves from different wrapping papers. The idea was to give the tree a colorful look. I debated a long time to make the trunk "black" or "brown" but, in the end I went with brown anyway. For the background I have used crepe paper. It's Sea-Green or Turquoise in color.  I have taken another wrapping sheet to make the borders. It was kind of festive with fireworks and candles on it.
For the resolutions I have taken print outs on colored pages and then to give them some definition, stuck them to Black card sheet.
On Right side, I have pinned a definition of Resolution and some tips to achieve your resolutions.
I hope you like my Resolution theme. Feel free to share your own ideas with me.
Till than Happy Crafting :))

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