Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Crafty Woven Heart

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   Today we are going to make a paper woven heart. For this you might need to try paper weaving on a paper first. Since it will help you get a better result.

You can check out this link for simple instructions and step by step photos :

Materials :

Colored paper. (2 contrasting colors)
Scissors/Paper cutter.
Ruler for measuring.

Instructions :

Take 2 sheets of paper similar in size. For starters take small size like 7-10 cm.

Cut one edge in a cursive manner as to make a "door like" shape. 

From the other end make slits in the paper of equal length and width.
I have used 1.5 cm gap each.

Cut Stripes in both sheets of paper similarly. You can mark the lines with the help of pen first if you are not sure about the equal size of the strips.

 Place first sheet of paper vertically and the other one horizontally on top of it. You can see it resembles a heart shape.Now the weaving part.Take 1st strip and weave it through the other 1st strip in alternate manner.

Similarly weave all the strips. Add glue to the ends to keep the strips in there proper place.
If you have extra stripes sticking out from your heart you can cut these.

Tadah ! You get a nice woven paper heart.

 Bonus Tips :

  • You can also try the same method with fabric stripes for making a pillow embellishment.
  • You can also try it as a hanging heart, if you are making a mobile.
  • You can also use double sheets of paper instead of single one and this will form as a basket.
  • You can also use the similar pattern to make a greeting card.

Heart shaped hangings for mobile.

Heart shaped Basket
Heart shaped greeting card

I hope you enjoyed. Do write to me. Your comments will help me add those projects which you might like more.
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